The WyattChristmas Five


elcome to the Website of The WyattChristmas Five, a swinging rockabilly band from Düsseldorf, Germany. The current Line-Up of the Band is Andy WyattChristmas (vocals, guitar), Peter Kühn (vocals, harp, acoustic), Martina Jansen (piano), Olaf Schumacher (bass) and Dennis Jansen (drums). We deliver a mixture of different music styles like Rockabilly, Swing, Blues and Boogie. As we are a live band feel free to contact us for booking. We play our hometown area just like Köln, Bonn, Düsseldorf and Ruhrgebiet such as the Rest of Germany and also Netherlands, Belgium, France and many more, please book us.


ou can book us whenever you have a venue, bar, weekender oder festival and you want to have a very danceable Rockabilly band involved. Easiest way to send us your request is to press the button above, fill in the form and get in touch with us. You will find everything you need for advertising and promoting the shows on the top menue, look for presskit.

Releases and actual recordings

Listen to four songs we recently recorded live in the studio in march 2018. All recordings are originals, written by Andy WyattChristmas and were recorded analog.

It's Rhythm Bound
I'm Goin' Wild
Cab Driver Blues
I Wear My Suit


In the past years we released two full albums and we've been part on the Teds And Rockers Sampler. All these records were released on Part Records. Please click on the record covers for more details. Both albums can be ordered at the usual shops.

„Well, It’s Allright“ 2012

The WyattChristmas Trio with Ralf Exter (upright) and Lee Diefenbach (drums, backing vocals) was founded by singer, guitarist and songwriter Andy WyattChristmas. With that line-up they present their first longplayer with 13 almost exclusively own …

„I’ve Got Rhythm“ 2014

Second album of the „well dressed boys from Cologne“ released on Part Records. The classical rockabilly trio is not necessarily the direction: The band around guitarist, songwriter and singer Andy WyattChristmas can make this sound …

„Teds And Rockers“ 2017

Steve Riot (Wild Rooster) and Mario Oehlmann (Foggy Mountain Rockers) already presented the first episode of this sampler, which still focused exclusively on Nordic themes. In Volume 2 the songs are under the sign of …


GIGS 2018:

14.07.2018 Jump&Jive BBQ, Linz am Rhein
29.09.2018 Torburg, Köln
03.11.2018 Ameise, Minden
10.11.2018 Rock`n´Hürth, Hürth
31.12.2018 Wintergrass, NL-Groningen

Gigs we played 2018

17.02.2018 Rickermann, Reckenfeld
18.02.2018 Zech'n'Jive, Essen
07.04.2018 Frühlingsmarkt, Castrop-Rauxel
14.04.2018 Cobra, Solingen
28.04.2018 White Night, Haltern am See
30.04.2018 Zur Wasserburg, Borken
10.05.2018 Hotel Bad Minden
26.05.2018 Moxie's Diner, Moers

Gigs we played 2017

27.08.2017 US-Car and Bike Show, Grefrath
16.09.2017 Rockin' Rhineland Festival, Köln
07.10.2017 Private Party, Wiesbaden
04.11.2017 Starbucks Roadhouse, Hilden
11.11.2017 Charly's Diner, Solingen
30.11.2017 Haus Oestreich, Castrop-Rauxel
02.12.2017 Hamburger Hof, Minden
16.12.2017 Private Party, Köln

The Bandmembers


hree four five...! Started as a trio, continued as a quartet after a few years and then even went further as a quintet - that's a moving band history! The WyattChristmas Five was founded in 2008 by guitarist and singer Andy WyattChristmas and released two albums on Part Records: "Well, It's All Right!" (2012) and "I've Got Rhythm" (2014) - both still in trio. In 2015, the band became a quartet with the entry of Peter Kühn (vocals, guitar, blues-harp), which was correspondingly much bluesier. Many gigs followed, for example on the Rockabilly Night in Wolfenbüttel and the Rockabilly Convention in Pullman City. In early 2017, the change was then completed with Martina Jansen (piano) and Dennis Jansen (drums). The WyattChristmas Five are now a swinging and very danceable band with still clearly audible blues influences. It is no coincidence that the five at their concerts always attract and inspire many dancers - the WyattChristmas groove does not let any leg rest ...


Long time on the road...

Latest news - stay tuned...

Rock'n'Hürth confirmed!

We are booked for a nice dancing Event on 10th of November 2018. Other bands: Jackson Sloan (USA) and Jumpin' Up (IT). Ticket sale will start soon. For more Information visit Website