„Slide’n’Jive“ 2019


After a 5 year break The WyattChristmas Five are finally back with a brand new album. With a completely new line-up the band has recorded new material in their own studio. „Slide’n’Jive“ is the title of the CD and of course the name is telling it all: All songs are extremely danceable, a known trademark of the band. Just to mention it: With piano, blues harp and two singers in the band you will have a varity of different songs on one album. Be sure to listen!


These Good Times
Please Stop The Rain
You Can’t Wear That
That Cat
Baby Please
When You Ain’t Around
Another Road
Gimme Your Lovin‘
Don’t Knock
Behind The Bar
Who’s Got The Key To My Room
It’s Mighty Crazy
Mojo Hand
I Am Still Around (Version 2019)

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Tony Screti, Slap that Bass Rockabilly, R&B, Psychobilly, Rock n Roll Album Reviews

Boy what a great first track, “These Good Times” is a piano thumping up tempo Jiver, great rhythm n Blues dance floor filler. “Please Stop the Rain” slows the tempo with an ideal stroller tempo track, very cool track, I love this album.  Overall the new line up have produced a great album that all you Hep Katz will want to own. Recommended.

Dee Ann, Rockabilly Online

You can slide, swing, swoon, sway, and jive on this album. It’s got Miss Martini’s piano riffs and runs, all you want and all you need. The Wyatt Christmas Five, a German band with an American sound and a great sense of humor.

John Mitchell, Blues Blast Magazine

This was the first material from this band that this reviewer has heard but it’s really good stuff that keeps your toes tapping throughout. The band must be terrific fun live and this disc is well worth seeking out.

  • Released on Part Records
  • June 2019
  • Including "Slide'n'Jive" and "When You Ain't Around"...

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